Kieran McEvoy

Professor in the School of Law

Queen's University, Belfast

Kieran McEvoy is Professor in the School of Law at Queen's University, Belfast. His recent publications include Pensions, Reparations and Reintegration: Parallel Processes for Injured Ex-Combatants and Civilians ( 25 Apr 2017 House of Commons Defence Select Committee. 20 p.) with Dr. Luke Moffett; Amnesties, Prosecutions and the Rule of Law in Northern Ireland (20 Mar 2017 QUB Human Rights Centre. 11 p.); and Criminology and Transitional Justice (2017 Oxford Handbook of Criminology. Liebling, A., McAra, L. & Maruna, S. (eds.). 6 ed. Oxford University Press) with Cheryl Lawther and R. Dudai.