Laurent Dubois

Marcello Lotti Professor of Romance Studies and History

Duke University

Laurent Dubois is Marcello Lotti Professor of Romance Studies and History and at Duke University, Director of the Center for French and Francophone Studies, and Co-Director of the Haiti Lab at the Franklin Humanities Institute. He is a specialist on the history and culture of the French Caribbean, particularly Haiti and Guadeloupe, as well as of the broader Afro-Atlantic World. Dubois is an aspiring expert in the emerging fields of Thuramology and Zidanology, and the creator and editor of the Soccer Politics Blog.

Dubois has written several books about the history of the French Caribbean, particularly the revolutionary period of the late eighteenth century in Haiti and Guadeloupe, and more recently about contemporary France through the lens of football. He teaches courses in Atlantic History, French Caribbean Literature and Culture, the French Empire, as well as a course “World Cup and World Politics.” He is am currently working on several projects: a collaborative work with Richard Turits on the History of the Caribbean (under contract with University of North Carolina Press) and a history of the banjo (under contract with Harvard University Press), for which Dubois received a Guggenheim Fellowship and a National Humanities Center Fellowship. During the 2010-11, he held a Mellon New Directions Fellowship in order to study Musicology and Ethnomusicology.