Lilach Lachman

Guest Lecturer

Haifa University

Lilach Lachman has published numerous essays and articles on Romantic and (post) modern poetry and since the 1990s, has been a contributor to Haaretz Book Review. Lachman edited a selection of essays on Avot Yeshurun's work (How is it read: Avot Yeshurun, 2011), and with Helit Yeshurun, a selection of Yeshurun's poems (Milvadata, 2009). She translated and edited a selection of Emily Dickinson's poems in Hebrew (Perhaps the Heart, 2004). Recently, she edited an anthology of lullabies that brings together a collection of voices spanning the range of Hebrew poetry from East to West (Yavo Gdi Zahav, 2015). Her book, Ktav Adam: Avot Yeshurun, is forthcoming (2017). Current projects focus on the traditions of the lullaby, on the poetics of witnessing and translation, and on poetic historiography in Israeli poetry. Lachman teach at the Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, at Haifa University.