Lytle Shaw

Professor of English

New York University

Lytle Shaw is Professor of English.  His books include Frank O’Hara: The Poetics of Coterie (2006), The Moiré Effect (2012) and Fieldworks: From Place to Site in Postwar Poetics (2013).  He is currently at work on two books: New Grounds for Dutch Landscape reframes the art of three seventeenth-century Dutch painters (van Goyen, Ruisdael and Hobbema) less as a mimetic project than as a literalist reenactment of the physical processes of Dutch land reclamation; Narrowcast: Poetry and Sonic Research is a site-specific account of recorded postwar American poetry focusing on its non-intentional and non-human dimensions.  A collection of art essays is forthcoming as Specimen Box.  Shaw is a contributing editor for Cabinet magazine.