Madeleine Dobie

Professor of French

Columbia University

Madeleine Dobie's teaching and research areas include francophone/postcolonial literatures and cinemas of North Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean and the cultural dimensions of migration and diaspora. She also teaches and writes about eighteenth-century French culture, particularly with regard to orientalism, colonialism and the history of slavery.

Dobie's most recent book, co-written with historian Myriam Cottias, is a critical re-edition of two mid twentieth-century novels by the Martinican writer, Mayotte Capécia. The introductory essay explores the convergence of race, gender, colonialism and the Vichy regime that formed the context of these two polygraphic texts.

Her latest monograph, Trading Places (Cornell University Press), examines the place of slavery in eighteenth-century French literature, philosophy and material culture, particularly textiles and furniture. It focuses on the longstanding silence surrounding colonial slavery and on processes of displacement and disavowal.