Małgorzata Mazurek

Associate Professor of Polish Studies

Columbia University

Malgorzata Mazurek specializes in modern history of Poland and East Central Europe. Her interests include twentieth-century social sciences, international development, social history of communism and Polish-Jewish relations. Her new book project deals with the intellectual history of East Central European involvement in the making of the non-Western world between the late 19th century and 1960s. It investigates the role of Warsaw-based social scientists in shaping Eastern European debates on population, migration and capitalism and further, in transforming this locally produced knowledge into development policies for the so-called "Third World."

After obtaining her PhD from Warsaw University in 2008, she worked as a research scholar in Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam, Germany. Her book, Society in Waiting Lines: On Experiences of Shortages in Postwar Poland (Warsaw: Trio 2010) has been shortlisted among the ten best books in contemporary Polish history in a 2011 nationwide contest. She is also the author of several articles on comparative and transnational history of labor and consumption in the twentieth-century Poland.