Matthew Rendall

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Nottingham

Matthew Rendall is Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, and holds a PhD in Political Science from Columbia University. His earlier research focused on large-scale war and peace, including such topics as nuclear deterrence, whether there is a 'separate peace' among democracies, and collective security. Much of his work tested theories of war and peace through historical case studies, often drawing on original historical research. More recently he has been writing about intergenerational justice, climate change and various topics in moral philosophy. He has also drafted papers on Parfit's mere addition paradox and the problem of aggregation, which seeks to reconcile utilitarianism and prioritarianism, on the one hand, with the sufficiency view, on the other. Soon he plans to start work on a book about intergenerational justice and catastrophic risk.