Melanie Newton

Associate Professor

University of Toronto

Melanie Newton received her doctorate in Modern History from Oxford University in 2001. She specializes in the social and cultural history of the Caribbean and the history of slavery, gender and emancipation in the Atlantic World. Recent publications include the preface to Jerome S. Handler's The Unappropriated People: Freedmen in the Slave Society of Barbados (University of the West Indies Press, 2009 [1974]); The Children of Africa in the Colonies: Free People of Color in Barbados in the Age of Emancipation (Baton Louisiana State University Press, 2008); and “The Road Through Africa: Imperial Nationalism and Diasporic Racial Consciousness in Postslavery Barbados,” in John Chalcraft and Yaseen Nourani (eds.), Counterhegemony in the Colony and Postcolony (Palgrave, 2007), pp. 115-137. Her current research project is entitled This Island’s Mine: Indigeneity in the Caribbean Atlantic World.