Michael Platt

Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor of Psychology

University of Pennslyvania

Michael Platt, PhD,is a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennslyvania. His research creatively examines some of the most complex, fascinating and fundamental questions regarding individual decision-making and behavior, including why different people make different decisions and how individuals adapt their decision-making under uncertainty and in social situations. He has brought together innovative scholars and researchers from a multitude of relevant disciplines. He is particularly interested in the biological mechanisms that allow people and other animals to make decisions when the environment is ambiguous or complicated by the presence of other individuals. Prof. Platt uses a broad array of techniques, including single neuron recordings, microstimulation, neuropharmacology, eye tracking, brain imaging, and genomics to answer these questions. His work is motivated by ethology, evolutionary biology, and economics, with a focus on how specific features of the physical and social environment have shaped the biological mechanisms that mediate decisions. He is particularly interested in why different people make different kinds of decisions and he is also keen to know why people sometimes make very similar, and sometimes make very different, decisions than other animals do.