Michael Shanks

Professor of Classics

Stanford University


Stanford Archaeology Center

Michael Shanks is a Professor of Classics at Stanford University. His research interests include design history and research, archaeological theory, heritage studies and archaeologies of the contemporary past, the archaeology of Grece-Roman urbanism, and the regional archaeology of the English-Scottish borders. He began excavating the Roman borders of the north of England and Scotland, exploring Hadrian's Wall, the great medieval city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, then north through the heartland of Celtic Christianity and the landscapes of Walter Scott. Prof. Shanks specializes in studying the first Greek cities in the Mediterranean (ten years and more looking through the lens of ceramics and urban design), as well as early farming societies and their monuments in Wessex and Sweden - new models and stories of early agriculture, the first cities and empires, long term social and cultural trends, and how making things is at the heart of the human condition.