Michael Taussig

Class of 1933 Professor of Anthropology

Columbia University

Michael Taussig began fieldwork in 1969. He has returned every year. His writing has spanned different things in roughly the following order; two books in Spanish for local people on the history of slavery and its aftermath, and books and articles in academic journals on the: 1) commercialization of peasant agriculture, 2) slavery, 3) hunger, 4) the popular manifestations of the working of commodity fetishism, 5) the impact of colonialism (historical and contemporary) on "shamanism" and folk healing, 6) the relevance of modernism and post-modernist aesthetics for the understanding of ritual, 7) the making, talking, and writing of terror, 8) mimesis in relation to sympathetic magic, state fetishism, and secrecy, 9) defacement (meaning iconoclasm), 10) a two week diary detailing paramilitary violence, 11) a study of exciting substance loaded with seduction and evil, gold, and cocaine, in a montage-ethnography of the Pacific Coast of Colombia.

Michael Taussig's most recent publications include Beauty and the Beast (2012) and The Corn Wolf (2015).