Michael Weinstein-Reiman

PhD Student in Music Theory

Columbia University

Music theorist and composer Michael Weinstein-Reiman holds a B.A. in Music from Brandeis University, an M.Mus. in Composition from Mannes College, and an M.A. in Music Theory from the University of Oregon. His research explores philosophical and analytical connections in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries alongside the period’s reexamination of improvisation, musical technologies (instruments, tunings, and automatons), gender, and aesthetics. Other studies include the intersection of musical extemporaneity and disability, specifically blindness, and relationships between the body and musical mnemonics. As the recipient of a Graduate Teaching Fellowship at the University of Oregon, he has taught aural skills and theory in addition to an analysis course on musical theatre. Michael has presented papers at various conferences, including regional meetings of the Modern Language Association (NeMLA) and the American Musicological Society (AMS-PNW).