Nathan Gilbert

Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History

Durham University

Nathan Gilbert is a Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History; he will be joining the department as Lecturer in Latin Literature in Oct. 2017. He comes to Durham from the University of Toronto, where he completed his PhD in Classics in June 2015 and lectured the following year. His research examines Cicero's philosophical works in light of his interactions with his philosophically-inclined Roman contemporaries, such as Atticus, Brutus, Cassius, or Varro. Nathan believes that doing so allows us to better understand the genesis and originality of the philosophica--in contrast to older approaches which see Cicero's treatises as mere copies or translations of musty books of lost Hellenistic philosophers. Other interests include Epicureanism and the Herculaneum papyri, as well as the social history of ancient philosophy, particularly in Republican Rome. He has recently developed a side-project on Montaigne's reception of Lucretius; he hopes to explore the reception of ancient philosophy in the Renaissance in greater detail down the road.