Nicole Callahan

Preceptor, Contemporary Civilization

Columbia Unviersity

Nicole Callahan (CC ‘05, GSAS '17) received her Ph.D. in English Education from Columbia in 2017. Her research focuses on composition pedagogies and the history of the essay. In addition to teaching Contemporary Civilization, she also teaches a Columbia course called Humanities Texts Critical Skills to the Justice-in-Education Scholars, a group of formerly-incarcerated men and women. She works on the Justice in Education Initiative, in collaboration with the Heyman Center and the Center for Justice, building a curriculum connecting canonical texts in core classes at Columbia (like Lit Hum and CC) to issues of mass incarceration for the “Justice in the Core” program. In 2016 Callahan was awarded the Graduate Student Core Preceptor Award for excellence in teaching Contemporary Civilization. She is also an adjunct instructor in English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a fellow of the National Writing Project at UCLA. She first encountered the texts of CC in 2002-2003 as a student in the course, and although her favorite CC text changes every year, Thomas Aquinas might be the current winner.