Paolo Quattrone

Chair in Accounting Governance & Social Innovation

University of Edinburgh Business School

Professor Quattrone is Chair in Accounting Governance & Social Innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He has held the position of Honorary Senior Research Associate of Italian Studies at the University of Oxford since 2009. Prior to his posting at Edinburgh, he was Professor of Accounting and Management Control at IE Business School, Madrid, a Reader in Accounting at the Said Business School, and an Official Student (equivalent to a Fellow) at Christ Church, University of Oxford. His research is primarily concentrated on the history of accounting practices, particularly in the relationship between management control and information technologies. He attended the University of Palermo, where he recieved his Laurea cum laude in Economia e Commercio in 1992, and his PhD in Business Economics and Management in 1996.

Professor Quattrone is widely published in the study of management and accounting. He is the co-author of Management Accounting and Control Systems: An Organizational and Sociological Approach, and co-editor of Integrated Reporting: Concepts and Cases that Redefine Corporate Accountability. He was recently awarded a research grant by the Italian government to further study the ties between the Mezzogiorno, or the southern region of Italy, and the UK.