Paul Audi


Paul Audi graduated from the École Normale Supérieure, and is Doctor and Professor of Philosophy. He is the author of about fifteen books and thirty articles on the relation between ethics and aesthetics. Convinced that this relation could not take place without considering questions about the pros and cons of human subjectivity, he wrote his book Créer, in which he first discussed his objective to find an “ethics of creation” called “esth/éthique”. He has mainly focused on the work of Romain Gary, a French writer and diplomat. Gary’s analysis on Europe is reflected in Audi’s book L’Europe et son fantôme. He has also written the preface of the Folio collection, which contains a group of Gary’s texts on General De Gaulle. He has published several books about Arthur Schopenhauer and the German tradition of philosophic pessimism, and he also dealt with the political philosophy of Jacques Rousseau in Rousseau, une philosophie de l’âme (2008) and De la véritable philosophie, Rousseau au commencement (1995). He has been the editor and the co-director of the collection Perspectives critiques at Presses Universitaires de France for several years. Among his main works are La fin de l’impossible: Deux ou trois choses que je sais de Gary (2005) and Je me suis toujours été un autre: Le paradis de Romain Gary (2007).