Peter Geimer

Professor of Art History

Freie Universität, Berlin

Peter Geimer works in the intersection of art history, media theory and science studies. He has particularly written on theory and history of photography in its various uses, including in art and science. Much of his work has been concerned with history of science and the cultural and art history of things, relics and remains. He is a co-founder and co-director of the BildEvidenz research program studying images as evidentia. He is the author of Theorien der Fotografie (Junius, 2009, 4th ed. 2013), Ordnungen der Sichtbarkeit: Fotografie in Wissenschaft, Technologie und Kunst (Suhrkamp, 2002, 2nd ed. 2004). A translation of his book Bilder aus Versehen (Philo Fine Arts, 2010) will be published as Inadvertent Images. A History of Photographic Apparitions (Chicago, 2017).