Pia van Gelder

Research Associate

University of New South Wales Australia

Pia van Gelder is an artist, academic and curator and lectures in the Faculty of Art and Design where she is also a PhD candidate.

Van Gelder is an interdisciplinary artist working across installation, instrument building, interactive art, performance and event based art and practice-led research. Her work investigates the nature of electronic media through material, sound and moving image. Involving methodologies of hacking within her practice at large, Van Gelder also explores interdisciplinary research into philosophy, technology, science, counter-culture histories and DIY pedagogy. She has exhibited and performed extensively in Australia and internationally.

Van Gelder has been involved with independent and artist-led experimental art curation for over a decade with her involvement in several of Sydney’s favorite underground venues and experimental art spaces and collectives like Serial Space and Lanfranchis for which she co-directed over the years. Van Gelder established and ‘co-overlords’ the Sydney faction of Dorkbot, a regular event for ‘people doing strange things with electricity’ which has been running since 2006. She has curated and directed events, performances, exhibitions and festivals including Time Machine Festival, a major 11 day festival including over 150 local and international artists in 2012.

With a working title, Microcurrents:‚Ä®Esoteric Electronic Instruments In The Arts, van Gelder’s PhD thesis examines a number of historical electronic instruments that were inspired by esoteric philosophy and experimental approaches to creative expression and the healing arts.