Pierce Salguero

Associate Profesor of Asian History & Religious Studies

Penn State University, Abingdon College

Pierce Salguero is an interdisciplinary humanities scholar interested in the role of Buddhism in the crosscultural exchange of medical ideas. He holds a Ph.D. in History of Medicine from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and teaches Asian history, religion, and culture at Penn State University’s Abington College, located near Philadelphia. The major theme in his scholarship is the interplay between the global transmission and local reception of Buddhist knowledge about health, disease, and the body. He is fascinated by the study of the intersection of religion and medicine in crosscultural perspective, and approaches this topic using methodologies from history, religious studies, translation studies, literary studies, and anthropology, among other fields. He is continually seeking opportunities to cross disciplinary lines in publishing and presenting my work, and it is important to me to create opportunities for dialogue with non-scholarly audiences, particularly practitioners of Buddhism and Asian medicine.