Raffaele Laudani

Researcher in the Department of History Culture Civilization

University of Bologna

Raffaele Laudani is assistant professor in the Department of History and Human Cultures at the University of Bologna, where he teaches the History of Political Thought and Atlantic Studies. Prof. Laudani graduated in Political Science in 1998 at the University of Bologna and earned in 2003 a PhD in History of Political Thought and Political Institutions at the University of Turin and in Philosophy and History of Ideas at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. His research focuses on the history of modern and contemporary political thought. He has published several volumes and essays on the Frankfurt School, globalization, disobedience, african-american abolitionism. He is the editor of the Italian edition of Herbert Marcuse's uncollected papers. At the moment he is studying the Atlantic dimension of modern political thought. He participated and organized several international meetings and seminars and participated in numerous collective national research projects. He created and edits the book series Marcusiana (Manifestolibri). He is member of the editorial board of the journals Filosofia Politica and Storicamente, among others.