Renée Michelle Ragin

Ph.D. Candidate

Duke University

Renee Michelle Ragin earned her Bachelor's degree in History and Literature from Harvard in 2010 before joining the US Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer. Her tours of duty included assignments in Washington, DC and Saudi Arabia. In 2014, Renee began her Ph.D. in Literature and is currently researching artistic and literary representations of the challenges of reconstructing national identity in the wake of political conflict.

Her presentations include:
"The Urgency of Genre in the Era of Globalizing Trauma". American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference. Harvard University. March 2016

"#summerinSyria: Discordant War-Time Narratives of Life and Death". The Arab Refugee Crisis in the 21st Century Conference. Duke University. January 2016

"Retreating, Reenacting and Reconnecting: The Traumatic Affect of the Perpetrator in Rithy Panh's S21". Violations Conference. McGill University. February 2015