Ruth Hayhoe

Professor of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

University of Toronto.

Ruth's research has mainly related to Chinese higher education and educational relations between East Asia and the West. She has been interested in the ways in which cultural values and epistemologies from Eastern civilizations may provide a resource for new thinking in global higher education development. She is also interested in the intersection between Asian ways of knowing and women's ways of knowing, and questions of gender in cross-cultural leadership, topics stimulated by her personal experience of institutional leadership in an Asian context.

 Ruth completed a study of the lives and ideas of eleven influential Chinese educators in 2006, developing a set of Portraits which illustrate the continuing value of the Confucian educational heritage. In 2011 she completed a parallel study of China's universities in the move to mass higher education, developing portraits of 12 Chinese universities of different types in different regions of China, as they evolved over the massification process. Subsequently she carried out a study of Canada-China university linkages supported by the Canadian International Development Agency and their contribution to China's dramatic transformation over recent decades.