Samuel Thomas

Artistic Director

New York Andalus Ensemble

Samuel R. Thomas, performer and ethnomusicologist, holds a Masters of Music (Ethnomusicology) from CUNY, and is currently a Ph.D Candidate in Ethnomusicology at CUNY, Graduate Center. Thomas is a woodwindist, composer and bandleader of Asefa. His academic work centers on Sephardic studies, diaspora studies, musical traditions of the Middle East and North Africa, Jewish music research, jazz and popular musics of the non-Western world as well as interdisciplinary approaches to the study of music, including anthropology, sociology, cultural studies and history. Thomas is executive director of Jewish Awareness Through Music, a non-profit organization dedicated to applied ethnomusicology as a means for cultural exchange. He has produced three CD recordings with Four Minus One (Split Decision, Live!, At Any Given Moment), and one CD recording with Asefa (Asefa). He has written a number of articles for the upcoming publication The Encyclopedia of Jews from the Islamic World (Brill:Leiden), popular press articles for a number of magazines in New York, and is currently writing Constructing Identity: Moroccan Jewish Musical Practices in Brooklyn.