Visiting Speakers

Walter Benn Michaels

Professor of American Literature and Literature Theory
University of Illinois at Chicago

Walter Benn Michaels is an American literary theorist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Samuel Moyn

Professor of Law
Harvard University

Samuel Moyn is professor of law and history at Harvard University. He earned a doctorate in modern European history from the University of California-Berkeley in 2000 and a law degree from Harvard Law School in 2001.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee is an acclaimed Korean-American writer and author of the novel Somebody's Daughter. Her next novel, The Evening Hero, on the future of medicine, immigration, North Korea, is forthcoming with Simon & Schuster.  She graduated from Brown University and was a Writer in Residence there, before she began teaching at Columbia University's Writing Division.

Peter Novick

Professor Emeritus of History
The University of Chicago

Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Chicago.

Harold Pinter

Nobel Prize-winning British playwright

Harold Pinter was a Nobel Prize-winning British playwright, born in 1930, who passed away in 2008.

Robert Post

Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law
Yale Law School

Robert Post is Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law and Dean at Yale Law School.

Adrienne Rich

Poet and Essayist

Poet and essayist Adrienne Rich was one of America’s foremost public intellectuals.

Christopher Ricks

William M. and Sara B. Warren Professor of the Humanities
Boston University

Christopher Ricks is the William M. and Sara B. Warren Professor of the Humanities at Boston University, having formerly been professor of English at Bristol and at Cambridge