Fall 2014

Miguel de Beistegui

Professor of Philosophy
University of Warwick

Miguel de Beistegui was educated in France (BA, MA in Philosophy at the Sorbonne), the US (Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago), and Germany (Postdoc, Hegel-Archiv, Bochum). He specializes in 20th century German and French philosophy, and has published books and articles in the following areas: ontology, metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics and politics.

Diogo Sardinha

Collège International de Philosophie, Paris

Diogo Sardinha is the President of the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris where he also heads the research program "Violence and Politics" (2010-2016). He studied philosophy at Lisbon (B.A. 1997) and at Paris-Nanterre (M.A. 1999, Ph.D 2005) before continuing his research in São Paulo and Berlin.

Cristobal Silva

Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

Cristobal Silva is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University where he teaches colonial and early American literature and culture as well as the history of medicine and of new world epidemics.

Sunil Agnani

Associate Professor of English and History
University of Illinois at Chicago

Sunil Agnani holds a joint appointment as an Associate Professor with the Department of English and the Department of History, and teaches courses on the European Enlightenment, eighteenth-century British and French literature and thought, and on the literature of empire and decolonization.

Dohra Ahmad

Associate Professor of English
St. John's University

Dohra Ahmad has been teaching at St. John’s University since 2004, having received her PhD from Columbia University that same year. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in twentieth- and twenty-first century postcolonial and world Anglophone literature, postcolonial theory, World Literature pedagogy, American and ethnic American literature, and utopian fiction.

Siraj Ahmed

Associate Professor of English
Lehman College, City University of New York

Siraj Ahmed (Associate Professor, Department of English; Director, Program in Comparative Literature) received his B.A. in English and Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. He is the author of The Stillbirth of Capital: Enlightenment Writing and Colonial India (Stanford University Press, 2012

Mary Grace Albanese

PhD candidate in English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

Public Humanities Fellow at the Heyman Center Mary Grace Albanese is a doctoral candidate in English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.As a Public Humanities Fellow, Mary Grace will create a forum for the collection, translation, and publication of Haitian history as told by Haitians themselves. Through a trans-lingual oral history initiative, the project aims to preserve and transmit contemporary Haitian narratives.

Carlos J. Alonso

Morris A. and Alma Shapiro Professor in the Humanities
Dean of the Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences
Columbia University

Carlos J. Alonso came to the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia in fall 2005 from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was the Edwin B. and Leonore R. Williams Professor of Romance Languages. Prof. Alonso became Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in July 2011.