Visiting Speakers

Dilara Caliskan

Graduate Student
Sabanci University

In 2006 Dilara Caliskan started her undergraduate education on Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University. Between the years 2007 – 2010 she was part of Women’s Door that was established by Human Resource Improvement Foundation.

Catherine Candy

Associate Professor
The University of New Orleans

Catherine Candy completed her PhD at Loyola University, Chicago, specializing in British imperial and gender history. Her first book, Priestly Fictions: Popular  Irish Novelists of the Early Twentieth Century (Dublin, Wolfhound: 1996) was a study of popular fiction of priests, their biographies and markets in a transnational frame.

Helena Capkova

Assistant Professor of Art History
Waseda University, School of International Liberal Studies

Helena Capkova is An Assistant Professor teaching art history at the School of International Liberal Studies of the Waseda University in Tokyo.  She received her PhD. at the TrAIN (Transnational Art Identity and Nation) Research Center of the University of the Arts in London.  Her research focuses on the exchange within the artists' network that connected Japan and Centeral Europe in the interwar era. 

Hazel Carby

Charles C. and Dorothea S. Dilley Professor of African American Studies
Yale University

Hazel V. Carby is the Charles C. and Dorothea S. Dilley Professor of African American Studies, Professor of American Studies, and Director of the Initiative on Race Gender and Globalization at Yale University.

Ben Carrington

Associate Professor of Sociologist
University of Texas at Austin

Ben Carrington is an Associate Professor of Sociologist who has taught at the University of Texas at Austin since 2004. Prior to that he taught at the University of Brighton in England. Professor Carrington studies a broad range of topics and areas generally concerned with mapping the circulation and reproduction of power within contemporary societies. More specifically, he is interested in how ideologies of race shape - and are themselves shaped by - cultural forms, practices and identities and how popular culture is often a key site of both cultural resistance and domination.

Susan Castagnetto

Intercollegiate Women's Studies of The Claremont Colleges

Susan Castagnetto is Coordinator of the Intercollegiate Feminist Center for Teaching, Research & Engagement at The Claremont Colleges and also currently serves as the Faculty Coordinator for the Draper Center for Community Partnerships at Pomona College.

Chuang Chien Hui

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
Osaka University

Chuang Chien Hui is Specially Appointed Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka University

Kevin Coval

Poet, Author and Organizer

Kevin Coval is the poet, author and organizer the Chicago Tribune called "the voice of the new Chicago" and the Boston Globe says is "the city's unofficial poet laureate".