Visiting Speakers

Lilach Lachman

Guest Lecturer
Haifa University

Lilach Lachman has published numerous essays and articles on Romantic and (post) modern poetry and since the 1990s, has been a contributor to Haaretz Book Review. Lachman edited a selection of essays on Avot Yeshurun's work (How is it read: Avot Yeshurun, 2011), and with Helit Yeshurun, a selection of Yeshurun's poems (Milvadata, 2009). She translated and edited a selection of Emily Dickinson's poems in Hebrew (Perhaps the Heart, 2004). Recently, she edited an anthology of lullabies that brings together a collection of voices spanning the range of Hebrew poetry from East to West (Yavo Gdi Zahav, 2015). Her book, Ktav Adam: Avot Yeshurun, is forthcoming (2017). Current projects focus on the traditions of the lullaby, on the poetics of witnessing and translation, and on poetic historiography in Israeli poetry. Lachman teach at the Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, at Haifa University.

John Lanchester

Journalist and Novelist

A former editor at the publishers Penguin, John Lanchester is a member of the editorial board of the London Review of Books, and is a regular contributor to several newspapers and magazines, including Granta, the New Yorker and The Observer, for whom he was restaurant critic, and the Daily Telegraph, for whom he writes a weekly column. His first novel, the highly acclaimed The Debt to Pleasure (1996), is the erudite and unorthodox autobiography of sinister gourmet Tarquin Winot. It won the Whitbread First Novel Award, the Betty Trask Prize, the Hawthornden Prize, and an American prize, the Julia Child Award for 'literary food writing'. The novel has been translated into 20 languages.

Christian Lequesne

Full Professor
CERI- Sciences Po

Christian Lequesne, holds BA and MA degrees from  Sciences Po Strasbourg and the College of Europe, Bruges. He then got his Ph.D. in political science  and his Habilitation in Sciences Po Paris (Supervisor: Professor Alfred Grosser). Assistant, Department of Political and Administrative Studies of the College of Europe (1986-1988). Research fellow and then Professor at Sciences Po since 1988, he was deputy director of CERI from 2000 to 2003, and director of CERI from 2009 to 2013. Director of the Centre français de recherche en sciences sociales (CEFRES) in Prague from 2004 to 2006, LSE-Sciences PoAlliance Professor at the European Institute of the London School of Economics from 2006 to 2008, member and vice-president of the Board of Directors of Sciences Po from 2007 to 2013. Since 2015, he is "visiting professor of honor" at the Department of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague.

Jacques Lezra

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature
New York University

Jacques Lezra joined the faculty at NYU in 2005. He is Professor of Comparative Literature, English, German, and Spanish and Portuguese, and Chair of the Comparative Literature Department. Born in Madrid of a Moroccan-Spanish-West Virginian family, professor Lezra received his PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale University in 1990, and before coming to NYU taught at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, at Yale, Harvard, and at the Bread Loaf School of English.

Mysonne Linen

Hip Hop Artist

A notable alum of the New York mixtape circuit in the late '90s, Mysonne E. Linen was born and bred in one of hip-hop's hotbeds, the Bronx. Trying to escape the ills that arise with black inner-city life, he became a very skilled basketball player during high school and then briefly attended college in criminal justice; but his ardent passion for hip-hop lured him away from those two paths. Using his first name as his stage moniker, he met up with representatives from Wanna Blow Entertainment and joined their crew in 1997. After gracing many mixtapes with his lethal flow and entering several MC battles in the N.Y. scene, he signed to two important brands in the hip-hop industry: the Violator Management company and Def Jam Records. Gearing up for his Def Jam debut in 1999, he appeared on several projects, including the chart-topping albums Ryde or Die, Vol. 1 by the Ruff Ryders and Double Up by Mase. However, that same year he was convicted on two counts of armed robbery and handed a seven-to-14-year sentence, though he still has maintained his innocence. During that period, a member of his Wanna Blow crew, Jae Millz, remained vigilant in building the brand name and eventually wound up on Universal by the time Mysonne was released from prison in July 2006. The large amount of support he received from fans after his seven-year bid made him all the more eager to get back in the studio.

Kathleen Loock

Post-doctoral Research Associate, John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies
Freie Universität Berlin

Kathleen Loock is a post-doctoral research associate at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin.

Angie Martinez

Radio Personality

Angie Martinez is recognized as one of the most influential personalities in popular culture and multi-media. Originally known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie’s nearly 20 years of on-air hosting experience has led her to become the media trailblazer she is today: multimedia host, spokeswoman, actress, recording artist, entertainment personality, author and philanthropist. Known for her signature laid back style of interviewing, Angie is well respected — and praised — for her unique ability to get up-close and personal with larger-than-life personalities.

Leyla Martinez

BA Candidate
Columbia University

The daughter of Dominican immigrants, Leyla Martinez is not only first generation American in her family but is also a first generation college student. Leyla Martinez is a junior at Columbia School of General Studies pursuing a BA in Human Rights. She has successfully completed the Justice in Education Fellowship and was recently selected to be a Women’s Forum Education Fund Fellow. Ms. Martinez, interned with Welfare Rights Initiative, where she advocated on behalf of students from NYC who receive public assistance, so they could continue pursuing their education. Leyla is a research assistant in the Social Relations Lab at Columbia University Psychology Department, where they pursue a wide range of topics which allows them to discern the effects of situational factors on individuals, as well as, the effects of individuals on their environment and their immediate situation. She is also the Program Coordinator for the Beyond the Bars Fellowship, where students and community members are offered the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of mass incarceration while collaborating in planning the annual Beyond the Bars Conference. Ms. Martinez journey has been long and there have been a few bumps on the road, nonetheless she has not given up and is determined to continue pursuing a higher education. Her hopes are that her education and experiences will properly prepare her to make changes to current policies in place that hinder the possibilities of the underrepresented.