Spring 2006

Arjun Appadurai

Paulette Goddard Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication
New York University

Professor Arjun Appadurai is currently Goddard Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University in New York City, NY.  

Barry Bergdoll

Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History
Columbia University

Professor Bergdoll's broad interests center on modern architectural history, with a particular emphasis on France and Germany between 1750 and 1900. Trained in art history rather than architecture, he has an approach most closely allied with cultural history and the history and sociology of professions. He has studied questions of the politics of cultural representation in architecture, the larger ideological content of nineteenth-century architectural theory, and the changing role of both architecture as a profession and architecture as a cultural product in nineteenth-century European society.

Richard Betts

Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of War and Peace Studies
Columbia University

Richard Betts is an adjunct senior fellow for national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). At Columbia University, Dr. Betts is the Arnold A. Saltzman professor of war and peace studies in the political science department, director of the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, and director of the international security policy program in the School of International and Public Affairs. His areas of expertise include international conflict, U.S. defense policy, military strategy, political and military intelligence, and terrorism. 

Daniel Carey

Professor of English
National University of Ireland, Galway

Daniel Carey is a graduate of McGill University, Trinity College Dublin, and Oxford  University where he took his D.Phil. His book on Locke, Shaftesbury, and Hutcheson: Contesting Diversity in the Enlightenment and Beyond appeared with Cambridge University Press in 2006, and he is currently completing a cultural history of travel in the Renaissance for Columbia University Press.

Stanley Cavell

Professor Emeritus, Walter M. Cabot Professor of Aesthetics and the General Theory of Value
Harvard University

Stanley Cavell is Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, where he was Walter M. Cabot Professor of Aesthetics and the General Theory of Value.

Partha Chatterjee

Professor of Anthropology
Columbia University

Partha Chatterjee is a Professor in the Departments of Anthropology and Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia.

Patricia Dailey

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

Patricia Dailey specializes in medieval literature and culture (English, Dutch, French, and Italian) and critical theory, focusing on women's mystical texts, visions, Anglo-Saxon poetry and prose, medieval rhetoric, hermeneutics, and theology.

William Theodore de Bary

John Mitchell Mason Professor Emeritus and Provost Emeritus
Columbia University

Professor de Bary's scholarly work has focused on the major religious and intellectual traditions of East Asia, especially Confucianism in China, Japan, and Korea. He began his career as a teacher at Columbia in 1949 when he undertook to develop the undergraduate general education program in East Asian Studies.