Spring 2014

Vanessa Agard-Jones

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Columbia University

Vanessa Agard-Jones earned her PhD from the joint program in Anthropology and French Studies at New York University, where she was a National Science Foundation Research Fellow and recipient of the Bourse Chateaubriand. A political anthropologist specializing in the study of gender and sexuality in the African diaspora, her ethnographic research focuses on the intersections of sexual and environmental politics and their relationship to debates about sovereignty in the (French) Caribbean.

Olindo De Napoli

Visiting Scholar
Blinken European Institute

Olindo De Napoli earned doctorates in both Modern History and History of Law from the University of Naples Federico II. His first book, La prova della razza: Cultura giuridica e razzismo in Italia negli anni Trenta, concerns Italian legal culture and racism during the 1930s. He is the author of articles published in Italian and international journals about racism, totalitarian dynamics and law and gender relations in colonial societies.

Rubén Gallo

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Princeton University

Rubén Gallo is the author of Freud’s Mexico: Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis (MIT, 2010; Gradiva Prize, 2011), a cultural history of psychoanalytic ideas in art and literature. His other publications include Proust’s Latin Americans (Hopkins, 2014), Mexican Modernity (MIT, 2005), and The Mexico City Reader. He teaches literature at Princeton, where he directs the Latin American Studies Program. Rubén Gallo is director of the research board at the Freud Museum, Vienna.

Nikolas Kosmatopoulos

Stavros Niarchos Postdoctoral Fellow
Columbia University

Nikolas Kosmatopoulos is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in questions of contemporary government by expertise and technopolitics, with a specific focus on the Middle East and the Mediterranean. He holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Zurich (summa cum laude) as well as a Master in Cultural Anthropology from the Free University in Berlin and a degree in Economics and Political Economy from the University of Piraeus. He has taught in Athens (Panteios), Berlin (Free University), Zurich U, Paris (Sciences Po) and New York City (Columbia University).

Cristobal Silva

Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University

Cristobal Silva is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University where he teaches colonial and early American literature and culture as well as the history of medicine and of new world epidemics.

Joelle M. Abi-Rached

PhD Candidate in History of Science and Edmond J. Safra Fellow in Ethics
Harvard University

Joelle M. Abi-Rached is a PhD candidate in the History of Science and Harvard University. His focus of study includes the History of medicine; History of the brain/mind sciences ('psy' and 'neuro' sciences); Madness and insanity; (Post) Colonial Psychiatry; Memory science; Memory and Trauma; Memory politics; Post-war discourses; War and Medicine; History of the modern middle east/near east; Ethics; Epistemology; Historiography; Philosophy of History; Political Philosophy; Global Health; and Identity politics

Sulayman Al Bassam

Playwright and Director

Born in Kuwait in 1972, Sulayman Al Bassam founded Zaoum Theatre in London in 1996. SABAB Theatre is the Arabic arm, established in 2002. His plays have been published in various languages and study of his work forms part of higher education curriculae at universities in the USA and the Middle East. He produces work in both English and Arabic languages.

Michele Alacevich

Assistant Professor of History and Director of Global Studies
Loyola University, Maryland

Michele Alacevich is Director of Global Studies and Assistant Professor of History at Loyola University, Maryland.