Visiting Speakers

Thenjiwe McHarris

Human Rights at Home Campaign Director
US Human Rights Network

Thenjiwe McHarris has spent her entire political and professional career challenging the injustices that imprison people and their communities in a life of poverty or behind bars. That commitment has led her to campaign on human rights issues in the United States and around the world. She honed her human rights campaign development and organizing skills at the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund and Amnesty International USA. From working to prevent the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, to launching an economic and social rights campaign in South Africa, to helping lead high profile mobilizations around the country, she has become a highly skilled campaigner for social justice and human rights.

Stuart McLean

Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of Minnesota

Stuart McLean's work focuses on theorizing the intersection between the material world and the human elaboration of cultural meaning. He approaches this by considering the variety of ways in which human beings have understood and articulated the relationship between their own acts of imagination, remembrance and self-identification and the material processes giving form to their bodies, their material environments and their world.

Jill Morawski

Professor of Psychology
Wesleyan University

Professor Jill Morawski is a social psychologist whose research focuses on gender issues, the psychology of women, the psychological dimensions of reproductive technologies, and the history of psychology.

Alberto Moreiras

Texas A & M University

Alberto Moreiras is a Professor at Texas A & M University. His research interests include political thought and critical theory from perspectives that combine an interest in Continental philosophy (existential analytics, deconstruction), psychoanalysis, and Marxism. He is involved in research networks that interrogate contemporary Latin American democracies and the configuration of politico-theoretical responses to present social problems. He is working on concepts such as "posthegemony" and "infrapolitics," whose potential significance has to do with the possibility of rethinking the critical traditions of modernity.

Thomas Mougey

PhD Candidate, Department of History
Maastricht University

Thomas Mougey is a PhD candidate and a tutor at the department of History at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences since September 2012. His project investigates early UNESCO attempts in scientific cooperation with the Global South. It explores their limited success by reconstructing the underlying and competing views of science and international relations in a world of emergent decolonization. This project combines insights from Science and Technology for Development studies (STD) with approaches from the history of science and recent work in international history and colonial studies. He is supervised by Prof. Wiebe Bijker (promoter) and Dr. Geert Somsen (1st supervisor).

Jan-Werner Mueller

Princeton University

Jan-Werner Mueller is a professor of Politics at Princeton Univeristy. His research interests include the history of modern political thought, liberalism and its critics, constitutionalism, religion and politics, and the normative dimensions of European integration.

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Executive Director
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad is a historian, author and media commentator who is Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, one of the world’s leading research facilities dedicated to the history of the African diaspora.

Wangui Muigai

Graduate Student in the History of Science
Princeton University

Wangui is a graduate student in the history of science program atr Princeton University. Her research focuses on medical, statistical, and public health ideas and practices at the turn of the twentieth century.