Visiting Speakers

Jordi Savall


For more than thirty years, Jordi Savall has been devoted to the rediscovery of neglected musical treasures: thirty years of research, study, and interpretation, both as violist and musical director

Svati Shah

Associate Professor, Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Svati P. Shah's current research focuses on queer and trans movements and the politics of class in India.

Michael Shanks

Professor of Classics
Stanford University

Michael Shanks is a Professor of Classics at Stanford University. His research interests include design history and research, archaeological theory, heritage studies and archaeologies of the contemporary past, the archaeology of Grece-Roman urbanism, and the regional archaeology of the English-Scottish borders.

Deema K. Shehabi


Deema K. Shehabi’s first book, Thirteen Departures from the Moon, was published in 2011. Marilyn Hacker says of Ms. Shehabi's work, “sometimes a new poet appears who has a generous field of vision, a craft at once well-honed and extravagant, and a unique point of view, with narratives that could belong to no one else—a poet who, by being of her specific time and place, writes for the widest world.

Marc Shell

Irving Babbit Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of English
Harvard University

Marc Shell is the Irving Babbit Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of English at Harvard University. His interests include the intersection of Economics and Aesthetics, the tension between nationhood and  language difference; Kinship Studies; non-English languages & literatures of the United States; and disability and medical studies.

David Singerman

Research Associate
Harvard Business School

David Singerman received his PhD in Science, Technology, and Society from MIT in 2014. His dissertation, "Inventing Purity in the Atlantic Sugar World," argued that struggles over skilled labor are necessary to make complex natural substances into uniform global commodities. It showed how chemists, engineers, and sugar-factory owners constructed and deployed the idea that sugar was a pure chemical, and therefore that its value could be measured only by scientific practice, in order to delegitimize the sensory and tacit skills of slaves and artisans.

Sonja Sohn


Sonja Sohn is an actress and poet. She is best known for her roles as Detective Kima Greggs on the HBO drama The Wire and Detective Samantha Baker on the ABC series Body of Proof

Hallam Stevens

Assistant Professor of History
Nanyang Technological University

Hallam Stevens' research focuses on the intersection between information technology and biotechnology. His book, Life Out of Sequence: a Data-driven History of Bioinformatics, is an historical and ethnographic account of the changes wrought to biological practice and biological knowledge by the introduction of the computer.