Visiting Speakers

Hi’ilei Hobart

PhD Candidate in Food Studies
New York University

Hiʻilei Julia Hobart is a doctoral candidate in the Food Studies program at New York University. Her research is concerned with how food and print media frames territorial occupation in nineteenth-century settler colonial contexts. Her dissertation research uses frozen water, or ice, to explore the politics of ingestion, representation, and materiality in colonial Hawai'i.

Stephen D.  Houston

Dupee Family Professor of Social Science
Brown University

Stephen D. Houston is Dupee Family Professor of Social Science and Director of Early Cultures at Brown University.

Brad Inwood

Professor of Classics and Philosophy
Yale University

Brad Inwood is a professor of Classics and Philosophy at Yale Univesity. His research is mostly in later Greek and Roman philosophy, Stoicism and most recently the Aristotelian tradition of moral philosophy, including his book, Ethics After Aristotle (Harvard University Press 2014).

Nico Israel

Associate Professor of English
CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College

Nico Israel is Associate Professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College. He is the author of two books, Outlandish: Writing between Exile and Diaspora (Stanford UP, 2000) and Spirals: the Whirled Image of Twentieth-Century Literature and Art, published as part of Columbia University Press’s Modernist Latitudes series in 2015.

Steven Jackson

Associate Professor of Information Science
Cornell University

Steve Jackson is a faculty member in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University, with additional graduate field appointments in Communication, Public Affairs, and Science and Technology Studies. He is also co-Director of Graduate Studies for Information Science.

Robin James

Associate Professor of Philosophy
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Robin James is Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of North Carolina, Charlotte. She is author of two books: Resilience & Melancholy: Pop Music, Feminism, and Neoliberalism (Zero, 2015), and The Conjectural Body: Gender, Race and the Philosophy of Music (Lexington Books, 2010).

Mariame Kaba

Founding Director
Project NIA

Mariame Kaba is the founding director of Project NIA. From 2004 to 2009, she was a program officer at the Steans Family Foundation where her work focused on education, youth development and evaluation. She has been active in the anti-violence against women and girls movement since 1989.

Frank Kelleter

Einstein Professor of North American Cultural History,John F. Kennedy Institute
Freie Universität, Berlin

Frank Kelleter is Chair of the Department of Culture and Einstein Professor of North American Cultural History at John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität, Berlin. His main fields of interest include the American colonial and Enlightenment periods, theories of American modernity, and American media and popular culture since the 19th century.