Sitaram Yechury

Parliamentary Group Leader

Communist Party of India

Sitaram Yechury completed his B.A.(Hons) in Economics, first class, from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University. In 1975, he completed his M.A., first class, in Economics, from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi. While at JNU, Yechury joined Students Federation of India (SFI) in 1974. After finishing his M.A., he began work on a Ph.D. degree at JNU which he could not complete due to his arrest during the Emergency.  Yechury joined the Comunist Party of India, Marxist (CPI[M]) in 1975. He was underground for sometime, organizing resistance to the Emergency, before his arrest in 1975.  After the Emergency, he was elected as President of JNU Students' Union thrice during one year (1977-78). In 1978, he was elected as SFI's All India Joint Secretary. In 1984, he was invited to the Central Committee of the CPI(M), and he left SFI as its President in 1986.  He was elected to the Central Committee in the CPI(M) XII Congress in 1985, to the Central Secretariat at the XIII Congress in 1988, and to the Polit Bureau at the XIV Congress in 1992. Yechury is currently a member of the Polit Bureau, Head of the International Department and Editor of the CPI(M) Central Weekly, Peoples' Democracy. He is a member of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Indian Parliament) and leader of the CPI(M) Group in Parliament.