Stephen Chrisomalis

Associate Professor

Wayne State University

Dr. Stephen Chrisomalis (Wayne State University) is a linguistic anthropologist who specializes in the anthropology of mathematics and the interaction of language, cognition and culture. His four-field anthropological training includes work in cultural, cognitive, archaeological, and linguistic anthropology. His book, Numerical Notation: A Comparative History, published by Cambridge University Press in 2010, is a cross-cultural cognitive analysis of tems of written numerals as used over the past 5000 years. His work focuses on the relationship between individual cognition and broader social, political, and economic processes.  Understanding how tems of number words and number symbols interact in specific contexts - how they are used rather than simply how they are structured - helps us to rethink assumptions such as the widely-held belief that we are now at the 'end of history' of number tems.