Suzanne Daly

Associate Professor of English

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Suzanne Daly received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA and PhD from Columbia University. Professor Daly’s fields of research and teaching include Victorian literature and culture, literary theory, and the history of the British empire, with special focus on the novel. Her recent and forthcoming publications include The Empire Inside: Indian Commodities in Victorian Domestic Novels (University of Michigan Press, November 2010); “Introduction: Cooking Culture.” Co-written with Ross Forman. Victorian Literature and Culture 36.2 (2008); Co-editor (with Ross Forman) of Food and Drink in the Nineteenth Century in the Special issue of Victorian Literature and Culture 36.2 (2008); "Spinning Cotton: Domestic and Industrial Novels" in Victorian Studies 50.2 (2008); “Indiscreet Jewels: The Eustace Diamonds” in Nineteenth Century Studies 19 (2005); and “The Clerk’s Tale: Characterizing the Middle in Dombey and Son" in Narrative Middles: Navigating the Nineteenth-Century Novel, ed. Mario Ortiz-Robles and Caroline Levine.