Udi Aloni


"Aloni provides us with a measure of the distance between our capacity for understanding and the terrors we choose instead. His art is trembling the underground, indeed."   -Tony Kushner

Udi Aloni is an Israeli American filmmaker, writer and visual artist whose works focus on the interrelationships between art, theory, and action. He began his career as a painter, establishing the Bugrashov gallery in Tel Aviv, a home for contemporary art and cultural and political events. His work in large-scale art led him, while living in New York in the 1990s, to invent a method for advertising on urban architectural structures.  Aloni’s films have been presented in various leading film festivals and universities, among them the Berlin International Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, and the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Udi Aloni’s work often explores the interrelationships between art, theory, and activism. His films include Local Angel (2002), Forgiveness (2006) and Art/Violence (2013). His past awards include the Berlinale's CINEMA Fairbindet prize.  His recent theater play Anti-Oedipus was produced by the Schiller Festival. He is the author of What Does a Jew Want? On Binationalism and Other Specters (Columbia University Press, 2011).

His film Junction 48 will be released in 2016.