Véronique Dimier

Senior Lecturer

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Véronique Dimier (PhD Etudes Politiques, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Grenoble) is Senior Lecturer at Université Libre de Bruxelles. She is the author of several books: 'Le gouvernement des colonies, regards croisés franco-britanniques, (Editions de l’Universitéde Bruxelles, 2004); Recycling empire: the invention of a EU aid bureaucracy 1958-2008 (Palgrave, 2014) and articles in peer reviews, most notably: “For a Republic “diverse and indivisible”? experience from the colonial past”.,Journal of contemporary European history, (UK), Vol 13, n°1, 2004, p. 45-66; “Constructing conditionality: the bureaucratization of EC development aid”, European Foreign Affairs Review, n°11, 2006, p. 263-280;With M. Mcgeever “Diplomats without a flag: the institutionalization of the delegations of the European Commission in ACP countries »,  Journal of Common Market Studies (UK), vol. 4, n°3, 2006, p. 483-505; «Three universities and the British elite: a science of colonial administration in the UK », Public Administration,(UK) 2005, n°84, n°2, 2006, p. 337-366; “French laicité in debate”: French culture, politics and Society (USA), 2007.

During her time at the EUI, Véronique Dimier will work on Business, Decolonization and Development. The project analyses the way French, Belgian and British companies in Africa faced this double challenge: decolonization and the building of the EEC. What strategies did they use to maintain their interests, confronted with the elite of the new African states, the emergence of a new political entity (the EEC) with interests and a role to play in Africa (through the European Development Fund), and with competition from companies of other countries? To answer these questions, we will focus on networks between these companies, the elite in power in African states, and the personnel of former colonial powers.