Vinay Gidwani

Professor of Geography, Environment, and Society

Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota

Vinay Gidwani studies the interactions of labor processes and ecologies in agrarian and urban settings, as well as capitalist transformations of these. He also has longstanding interest in understanding how ‘urban’ and ‘rural’ mutually imprint through physical and ideational flows. Various spatial resolutions of the ‘agrarian question’ are the organizing locus of his research. His concerns here are threefold: first, the cultural politics and geographies of work; second, the more-than-human constitution of social relations; and third, emergent terrains of poverty, injustice, stigma, and struggle. He is presently pursuing a project, centered in Delhi, called The Afterlives of Waste, which examines the spatial histories, political uses, and political economy of ‘waste’ as both commodity detritus and social excess. His most recent book, Capital, Interrupted: Agrarian Development and the Politics of Work in India, was published in 2008 by University of Minnesota Press. He is presently Associate Professor of Geography and Global Studies at University of Minnesota and Adjunct Associate Professor of Geography at The Graduate Center, City University of New York; an editor of the radical geography journal Antipode as well as co-editor of the Antipode Book Series.