Vítězslav Sommer

Research Officer

Centre d'études européennes, Sciences Po

Vítězslav Sommer received his PhD from Charles University in Prague in 2011. His dissertation explored the origins of communist party historiography in Czechoslovakia and its development in the Stalinist, post-Stalinist and reform communist period (1950–1970). Vítězslav Sommer joined Sciences Po in 2013 as a post-doctoral researcher in the ERC project “A political history of the future: knowledge production and future governance 1945–2010 – FUTUREPOL." His research explores transformations of Czechoslovak future studies from the “scientific and technological revolution” (STR) research project in the 1960s and 1970s to prognostika (economic forecasting) in the perestroika period. His main research topics are the institutional and social background of the future studies in state socialist Czechoslovakia, analysis of the knowledge produced by STR and prognostika and its practical application in the policies of socialist state, and transnational dimension of Czechoslovak future studies.