Whitney Dow

Documentary Filmmaker

Whitney Dow is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and educator. He has been producing and directing films focused on race and identity for almost two decades and is a partner in Two Tone Productions. His directorial credits include: Two Towns of Jasper); I Sit Where I Want: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education, Unfinished Country; and When the Drum is Beating. His producer credits include: Freedom Summer; Banished: How Whites Drove Blacks Out of Town in America , The Undocumented, Toots and Among the Believers.  Dow’s current focus is on the Whiteness Project, a story-based interactive media and research project he is producing in collaboration with American Documentary | POV and Columbia University's INCITE Institute, and Veterans Coming Home , a digital initiative by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which focuses on the American Military Civilian Divide.  Dow teaches interactive storytelling in the Integrated Media Arts (IMA) MFA program at CUNY Hunter College and has a Research Scholar appointment at Columbia University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics (INCITE). He is a sought after lecturer on race, interactive storytelling, and documentary filmmaking.