Yolanda Wood


University of Havana

A professor, researcher, art critic and curator, Yolanda Wood was born in 1950 in Santiago, Cuba. She has a Doctorate in Art. She lives in Cuba and currently teaches art at the University of Havana, where she founded the History of Caribbean Art programme, and has also taught in several other Caribbean countries (Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Martinique, etc.). Yolanda has also held the positions of Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Literature at the University of Havana, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Cuban University of Arts and Cultural Attaché at the Cuban Embassy in Paris. Highly active in cultural circles, she attends a great many national and international symposia and other events on the theme of Caribbean identity. Yolanda Wood specialises in the analysis of contemporary Caribbean literature and art. Moreover, she has penned diverse publications, particularly on the theme of art, in addition to contributing to several newspapers such as Lettres de Cuba. She has also written a wide range of texts for exhibition catalogues on Caribbean artists. Yolanda is currently Director of the Centro de Estudios del Caribe at the Casa de las Americas. She has also contributed to some collective publications, including Art public, une collection d’art contemporain en Guadeloupe and, in 2012, Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World.