Panel discussion on "Humanistic and Clinical Evidence."

Panel discussion on "Narrative in Health Care."

The Keynote discussion featuring author Uzodinma Iweala and Cristobal Silva from Columbia University.

A discussion on "Keywords: Toward a Critical Vocabulary of Disability Studies."

The Keynote discussion between Jonathan Weiner and Judith Shulevitz.

A conversation on "Health and Truth in Social Justice Stories."

Marie Myung-Ok Lee reads from her work that examines the future of medicine and tells the micro-history of two generations of Korean American OBGyns.

Taking “medical humanities” as its subject, the two-day conference considers some of the investigations and interventions made by those who study illness and health from the perspectives of the arts, humanities, and human sciences.  Presentations by medical practitioners, historians, social justice advocates, medical journalists, disability studies and narrative studies scholars will be interspersed with readings by poets and novelists, reports from the field, and a theatrical performance. This panel discussed "Medicine, Humanities, and the Human Sciences: A Historical Perspective."