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This is the fifth panel of the two-day conference (April 8-9, 2016) on the popular television series The Wire, hosted by the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University. This panel is titled "Music from The Wire" and featured performances by Diablo Flamez and DJ Technics. Panelists included Sheri Parks, University of Maryland, Michael Casiano, University of Maryland, Ashley Minner, University of Maryland,  Kalima Young, University of Maryland, and Ashley Minner, University of Maryland. The panel was organized by Sheri Parks, University of Maryland.  

12/3/10: Greil Marcus and Christopher Ricks participate in an evening of discussion on Bob Dylan’s work. Professor Marcus spoke on Dylan’s cover of the traditional American folk song “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and Professor Ricks spoke on race in Dylan’s early recordings, including “No More Auction Block” and “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol.”

Oliver Sacks is a physician, best-selling author, and professor of neurology and psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. He spoke on "Music and Mind," with Eric Kandel, Nobel Laureate and University Professor at Columbia University, serving as chair.

This event, on March 25, 2005, celebrated the abiding influence and relevance of Bob Dylan to music, culture, and politics. Bob Dylan is the most iconic popular musician of our time, with an influence that reaches far beyond music. He is a poet, a bard, a thinker, a cultural critic, and most recently a writer of amazing talent and deep honesty.